IVR Booking

What does it do?

It is an automated telephone operator.  This means from a customer point of view you do not have to wait for a human operator to become available. As a client looking to subcontract out their call centre this means your customers are never left waiting on hold.

How does it work?

The automated operator will greet you by announcing your registered address. It will then ask if you want a cab from this location or if you wish to speak to an operator.  A simple option of pressing a number key will then book the job directly & your Taxi will be on its way!

This service can also be used on Mobile Phones, so if you are one of the growing numbers of people that do not have a land line, our interactive system will monitor the incoming numbers and addresses being booked, and if you use your mobile on a regular basis at the same address our IVR will automatically take your call.

IVR Demonstration

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