Business Services

If you run your own Taxi or Private Hire company, you will know how hard it is to supply your customers with the kind of service they have come to expect.
Cab Call has the answer to your problems.
By using our state of the art control centres to manage your calls , we can make your business perform in unimaginable ways, by offering cutting edge facilities specially developed for the industry.
Becoming Streets ahead of your competition, can be possible at a fraction of the cost to you.

By utilizing our services you get acces to the following:

  • Call handling by a dedicated 24 hour monitored call centre.
  • Use of either fixed data heads or mobile PDA’s.
  • Customers can book services via the following method:
    1. Text Message, including text point booking system.
    2. Online Booking via the web.
    3. IVR automated telephone booking system.
    4. App Booking.
    5. 24/7 Operator Service

General Public

As a user of Cab Call you will benefit from the following services:

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